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Woman put her feces on estranged husband’s toothbrush

By Mason White 1:56 PM September 17, 2017
Leslie Laing
Leslie Laing
By: William Martin

A woman was arrested after lab testing proved that she was the one who put feces on her estranged husband’s toothbrush.

48-year-old Leslie Laing of Milford, Connecticut, turned herself in on an active warrant, according to Ansonia police.

Laing’s estranged husband filed a complaint with police after he realized that someone had tampered with his personal property.

Police learned that Laing was at the home that she used to share with her husband to retrieve her belongings. While she was at the home, Laing smeared her feces on his toothbrush.

This act caused Laing to violate a protective order, which her husband had against her. Laing’s husband was granted an order of protection against her due to previous domestic violence arrests, police said.

Laing was charged with violation of a protective order after DNA sample taken from Laing matched the feces on the toothbrush.

Laing was released after posting $1,000 bond.