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14-year-old boy who began transitioning to a girl two years ago talks about why he changed his mind despite having breasts

By Mason White 3:46 PM September 18, 2017
Alison and Patrick Mitchell
Alison and Patrick Mitchell
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A boy from Australia, is speaking out about his experience after he began transitioning into a girl before changing his mind.

Patrick Mitchell was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at 12-years-old.

He wanted to transition in order to become a girl.

However, under Australian law, teenagers must wait until they are 16-years-old to make that decision.

In addition, they need court approval before starting hormone replacement therapy.

Patrick’s mother Alison, did not want to see her son suffer. She watched as he grew very tall and very broad.

In order to slow down his growth, Alison allowed her son to take oestrogen hormones that belonged to her when he was 13 years old.

“One thing that oestrogen will do is halt bone growth to more of girl pattern of growth,” Alison said.

After two years of taking his mother’s estrogen hormones, Patrick had a change of heart.

He said that “you have an image of what being a boy and being a girl is like, but when you actually experience it, it’s very different.

“I guess I just realized that I could be happy without completely changing who I am.”

Patrick will now have surgery to remove the breasts he developed while taking the treatment.

Alison will travel with Patrick to South Korea, for the surgery as very few doctors are willing to perform the procedure on a 14-year-old.

Patric said that he is looking forward to not having to wear baggy clothes to hide his breasts, and to being able to go swimming and play sports.