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Bride-to-be dragged under her own moving BMW after shopping for wedding gown

By Mason White 3:50 PM September 18, 2017
Marie-Claire Doherty with her fiance
Marie-Claire Doherty with her fiance
By: William Martin

A woman was left traumatized after a freak accident nearly killed her.

25-year-old Marie-Claire Doherty of Belfast, Ireland, feels lucky to be alive despite the fact that she may not be able to walk down the aisle due to her injuries.

Doherty enjoyed the day trying on wedding dresses and having her measurements taken. However, her day did not end well.

When Doherty parked her car, she did not secure the parking brake safely, causing her BMW to roll down the street.

In a panic, Doherty ran towards the vehicle and tried to stop it, but she slipped and her leg was caught underneath the car. She was then dragged down the street.

Doherty feared that the car will run over her head and crush her under the wheels.

Luckily, her car came to a stop when it hit a parked car, allowing her to escape with a broken knee, and cuts and bruises.

Doherty does not know if her knee will heal in time for the wedding, but she is very grateful to be alive.

The mother of three children is too scared to drive. She said that for now, she will take a break from driving.

“I’m giving up driving for the moment. I’m really nervous. It was absolutely terrifying. I’m glad it was not worse. I feel very blessed to have been left with only the injuries I received,” she said.