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Father disciplines daughter by wearing terrifying clown mask and running after her in streets

By Mason White 3:34 PM September 18, 2017
Clown (illustration)
Clown (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A father is behind bars after deliberately scaring his daughter while wearing a clown mask to hide his identity.

The man of Ohio, has been charged after running after his 6-year-old daughter in his neighborhood in Youngstown, while wearing the terrifying clown mask.

Police said that the terrified girl got into a stranger’s car in an attempt to get away from the creepy clown.

When she no longer saw the clown, the child got out of the car. However, her father did not give up and kept chasing the child.

The girl then ran into a stranger’s apartment while shouting in panic that a clown was chasing her.

The incident unfolded on Saturday night.

Police said that a man in the apartment building came outside with his gun and fired a shot to the ground in order to scare the clown.

Both men were arrested.

The father told police he was chasing his daughter to discipline her for behavior issues. He explained that he chose this method instead of spanking her.

The father was charged with child endangering and inducing panic. The man who fired the shot, was charged with using weapons while intoxicated.