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Judge bans man from riding bicycles after slapping backsides of 24 women while riding his bike

By Mason White 5:57 PM September 18, 2017
Constantin Barbutu
Constantin Barbutu
By: Mason White

Women in the United Kingdom, were relieved to hear about the arrest of a man who terrorized joggers by slapping their backsides.

Sussex police said that detectives investigating a series of sexual assaults by touching during which women across Brighton and Hove city have been targeted, have charged the suspect.

Constantin Barbutu, 20, of Cromwell Road, will appear before the Brighton Magistrates Court, after being charged with 20 counts of sexual assault by touching.

Police received 24 reports from women, stating that they have been grabbed or touched from behind, or had sexual gestures made towards them by a man riding a bicycle.

The incidents stretched from New Church Road in Hove to Madeira Drive in Kemptown, and up to Dyke Road Avenue in the north of the city.

Most of the offenses happened during the hours of darkness, ranging from early evening through to 3:00 a.m.

All women reported that Barbutu approached them while riding his bike, slapped or grabbed their backsides and immediately escaped.

Magistrate David Watkins banned Barbutu from riding bicycles.