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Restaurant ‘Order Mistakes’ hires 17 dementia suffering waitress and waitresses

By Mason White 5:52 PM September 18, 2017
Restaurant Order Mistakes
Restaurant Order Mistakes
By: Tanya Clark

A restaurant in Japan, is hiring only those who suffer some form of dementia, in order to raise awareness about the health condition.

The restaurant in Tokyo, which was named “Order Mistakes,” hired 17 waiters and waitresses who suffer from dementia.

The employees said that they finally feel comfortable working again as they are not afraid about making mistakes or forgetting what they have to do.

The restaurant owner said that the public embraced the idea and many people are booking a meal to be able to interact with those who suffer from dementia.

In Japan, one in five people are expected to suffer some form of dementia in their lifetime.

One customer said that he enjoyed chatting with a waitress who sat down at his table after forgetting what she was supposed to do at the restaurant.

Dementia nursing care personnel are at the restaurant to provide support for the employees.