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Venomous snake bites man who wanted to eat it for dinner

By Mason White 5:34 PM September 18, 2017
Snake (illustration)
Snake (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A venomous snake struck a man who wanted to eat it for dinner, sending him to the hospital with life threatening injuries, according to doctors in Arizona.

48-year-old Victor Pratt of Phoenix, said that he was preparing to kill the rattlesnake to eat it for dinner when it bit him on the neck.

Pratt told doctors that he felt like his brain got smashed.

He went to a nearby hospital, but he was flown to the Banner University Medical Center, where he was treated with anti-venom.

He is still being treated at the hospital as his face and neck are swollen and he has difficulty breathing.

His skin also got discolored as a result of the venom.

Pratt said that he began playing with rattlesnakes when he was a kid.

Now, he catches rattlesnakes, cuts off their heads and cooks them for dinner.

He said they taste like chicken.

On Friday, he was celebrating a birthday with his children when he encountered the rattlesnake.

When he was about to cut off the head of the snake, it bit him on the face.

Pratt remained calm enough to force open the snake’s jaw and escape.

He immediately called 911 for help, knowing that every second counts.