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Man arrested for fondling 4-year-old girl and playfully spanking her nude teenage sister after shower

By Mason White 3:23 PM September 19, 2017
Gregory Stone
Gregory Stone
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Police arrested a man for sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl and her 15-year-old sister.

The man of San Antonia, Texas, was arrested after the mother of the girls walked into a room and found her special needs daughter sitting on the lap of the suspect.

63-year-old Gregory Stone had pulled up the girl’s clothes and fondled her.

According to police, the 4-year-old girl is unable to speak and therefore, she was unable to tell anyone about the abuse.

The mother called police and Stone was arrested on charges of indecency with a child involving the four-year-old victim.

The victim’s 15-year-old sister made similar allegations against Stone in 2015, according to the arrest report.

In that case, the girl said that Stone played the “spanking game,” during which he would place her across his lap and spank her bottom while she was naked after exiting the shower.

Stone was being held on $50,000 bond. Police did not disclose the relationship between the suspect and the victims.