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Cannibal fatally shot by police while eating a woman

By Mason White 3:02 PM September 19, 2017
Aphiwe Mapekula
Aphiwe Mapekula
By: Alexis Bell

A mother was horrified to witness her son eating the face of her employee.

The mother of South Africa, called police after her son, 23-year-old Aphiwe Mapekula, dragged her maid into their home and decapitated her.

The maid, 35-year-old Thembisa Masumpa, was doing work in the backyard of the Mount Frere home when Mapekula grabbed her and dragged her to his home, where he slit her throat and cut her head off.

When officers arrived, they witnessed Mapekula eating the victim’s face. Officers ordered Mapekula to leave the woman’s head alone.

According to police Captain Edith Mjoko, Mapekula lunged at the officers with a knife. The officers quickly shot at the suspect, fearing for their lives.

Mapekula was rushed to a hospital with injuries to his abdomen, arms and legs. He later died from his injuries.

Mapekula’s mother, who was horrified by what she witnessed, said that she did not raise her son like this.

Authorities believe that Mapekula was high on drugs at the time.