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Police sergeant killed his wife and two young children before setting home on fire to cover up crime

By Mason White 3:14 PM September 19, 2017
Mitsuru Nakata
Mitsuru Nakata
By: William Martin

A police sergeant was arrested after his wife and children were found dead inside their home.

Prosecutors in Ogori, Japan, announced charges against 38-year-old Sergeant Mitsuru Nakata, for murdering his wife and two children.

Nakata was initially arrested on suspicion of strangling his wife Yukiko, 38, despite the fact that he denied the allegations.

Prosecutors said that they now have enough evidence to also charge him with the death of his children.

Nakata, who worked for the Fukuoka Prefectural Police, was arrested after police recovered DNA evidence from his wife’s fingernails, suggesting that she scratched him while trying to fight him off.

The bodies of the victims were found after his wife’s sister visited the home.

The mother was found lying face up in the kitchen on the first floor, while her son, Ryosuke, 9, and daughter, Miyu, 6, were found dead in their bedroom on the second floor.

All three were strangled to death.

When the wife’s sister arrived, the house was full of smoke. Police suspect Nakata tried to burn the house down to destroy evidence.