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Shocking new trend has street vets removing vocal cords of dogs to stop them from barking

By Mason White 3:17 PM September 19, 2017
Dogs undergoing the procedure
Dogs undergoing the procedure
By: Tanya Clark

People were horrified to learn about the new trend of removing the vocal cords of dogs.

A reporter in China, went undercover to expose the horrific trend.

A gruesome video, which was posted by Daily Mail, shows an alleged unlicensed street doctor named Zeng, performing the procedure on dozens of dogs.

The surgeries were carried out in public. In the video, the doctor was seen giving the dogs anesthesia while they were on a small table.

The man’s assistant is seen placing red string under the dogs’ upper teeth and pulling them open. The vet then placed additional string behind the bottom set of teeth and forced the mouths of the animals open.

The assistant kept the dogs’ mouth wide open while the man used tools to remove the vocal cords of the defenseless dogs.

He then threw the vocal cords down on the ground, which was bloody from the many procedures that have been done.

The heartbreaking and disturbing video has sparked an outrage among the public with animal lovers calling the procedure “cruel.”

Armed with the video evidence, the reporter called police. The Qingbaijiang Forestry Bureau visited the market and interviewed Zeng. He admitted that he was not licensed.

Zeng faces a number of charges including animal cruelty.

When police interviewed the dog owners, many of them told detectives that they decided to have the surgery because neighbors complained about their dogs’ repeated barking.

Animal rights group PETA Asia, said that devocalization took away the aminals’ natural ability to vocalize and communicate.