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100,000 euros in cash clogged 1 toilet at bank and 3 toilets at restaurants

By Mason White 2:04 PM September 20, 2017
500 euro notes (illustration)
500 euro notes (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

Police in Switzerland, are trying to figure out who dumped thousands of euros into toilets, causing them to become clogged.

Geneva prosecutors said that their main concern is to find out where the cash from.

So far, no charges will be filed as throwing money away or clogging toilets are not crimes.

Police revealed that they do not believe the 100,000 euros was dirty money.

According to the police investigation, an employee of UBS bank, went to use the toilet and noticed that it was clogged.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that someone flushed numerous 500 euro notes down the toilet.

Later that day, three restaurants reported that their toilets were clogged with cash.

Two people agreed to compensate the restaurants and the bank for unclogging the toilet.

Police confiscated the 100,000 euros.

The two people did not reveal why they flushed the cash down the toilets.