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Hospital nurse forced newborn baby to dance to rap music while another showed child the middle finger

By Mason White 1:54 PM September 20, 2017
Nurses abusing newborn babies
Nurses abusing newborn babies
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Two hospital nurses in Florida, have lost their jobs after recording themselves abusing newborn babies just minutes after they were born.

The two nurses of the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, recorded themselves forcing a baby to dance while playing 50 Cent rap music song In Da Club.

A photo uploaded on Facebook, showed a nurse showing the middle finger to an infant just minutes after birth.

The nurse wrote: “How I currently feel about these mini satans.”

The image and video went viral on social media sites before being seen by officials of the hospital.

The Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s Commanding Officer said: “We are aware of a video and photos posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated.

“We have identified those involved. They have been removed from providing patient care, and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’ve notified the patient’s parents.”

The two nurses were identified by people on social media.

Allyson Thompson and Joanie Barrett have apologized for their actions.