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Man eats meth filled balloons out of toilet bowl after police waited for it to pass through his body

By Mason White 9:22 AM September 20, 2017
Candey and Casey McCarey
Candey and Casey McCarey
By: Tanya Clark

A woman in Ohio, agreed to help her husband get drugs while being behind bars.

Warren County Prosecutor David P. Fornshell wrote about the bizarre incident on Facebook

“Public service announcement: Do you know where your meth has been?

“Our most disgusting case of the week: State v. Casey McCary. Stop reading now if you don’t want to be grossed out,” Fornshell wrote.

49-year-old Casey McCary, who is an inmate at the Warren Correctional Institution, is accused of conspiring with his wife to bring the 12 balloons, which were filled with meth, into the prison.

McCary’s wife, Candey, hid the balloons in her bra before giving them to her husband during a visit in the day-room.

Casey managed to swallow four of the balloons before prison
officials discovered his actions and interrupted his activities.

Casey was handcuffed and placed in a “dry cell.” There he was monitored while officers waited for the balloons to come out in the bathroom.

Finally, after five days, Casey passed the balloons. However, Casey was not ready to give up the drugs. As soon as they came out in the bathroom, he immediately began consuming the drugs and the balloons.

He was left in the “dry cell” for four more days, until he passed the four balloons a second time, at which point they were recovered by prison officials.

The husband and wife are facing charges of illegal conveyance of drugs into a prison and aggravated possession of drugs.

Casey faces additional charges of possession of criminal tools and tampering with evidence.