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Man rescues 11-year-old girl from kidnapper after she mouthed the words help me as he passed them

By Mason White 9:04 AM September 20, 2017
Jessie Woodard Jr.
Jessie Woodard Jr.
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man was able to rescue a girl from her kidnapper after seeing the child in distress, according to police in Ohio.

Nazier Elahee was walking near a playground in Golf Manor, when he saw a man pulling a girl behind him by the wrist.

At first, Elahee thought the man was the girl’s father. However, as he watched the girl being pulled, he realized that she was saying something to him.

Elahee said that the girl did not make noise, but she looked at him and repeatedly mouthed the words “help me.”

Elahee sprung into action, taking the 11-year-old girl away from the man. Elahee said that he asked the girl if she knew the suspect.

She said that she did not know him. He then turned to the suspect and asked if he knew the girl. He admitted that he does not know her.

The suspect, who police identified as 37-year-old Jessie Woodard Jr., quickly ran away from the scene.

Elahee and other witnesses chased after him and held him down until police arrived just moment later.

Ironically, the incident unfolded across the street from a police station and the entire incident was caught on video.

Woodard was arrested and charged with kidnapping.