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Mother commits suicide because she crashed husband’s car after he told her not to drive it

By Mason White 8:53 AM September 20, 2017
Anastasia Lysukho
Anastasia Lysukho
By: William Martin

A woman committed suicide because she was scared of her husband’s reaction after she crashed his car, according to police in Russia.

20-year-old Anastasia Lysukho of Novocherkassk, drove the car despite the fact that her husband warned her not to drive it.

Police said that the husband told his wife not to drive his VAZ-2106 while she was on a business trip because he did not trust her driving skills.

The mother of one daughter, took the car anyway and crashed into three cars after driving a short distance.

The distraught wife left the car at the scene and fled. She caused about $1,200 in damage.

Police said that Lysukho was afraid of telling her husband about the accident because the car was not insured.

The 20-year-old mother left a suicide note behind before taking her life, saying she was overcome with guilt because the car was not insured.

“It is believed that the lack of insurance together with her fear of telling her husband what happened caused the tragedy,” a police spokesperson said.