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Farmers find naked man having sex with pig

By Mason White 3:27 PM September 9, 2017
Pig (illustration)
By: Feng Qian

A group of farmers were surprised to find a naked man having sex with their pig in a barn, according to police in Finland.

Oulu police said that they have arrested the man, who was not identified, after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

The man was charged with multiple offenses, but not with bestiality as it is legal in the country as long as the animal is not harmed.

According to the farmers, when they heard noise in one of their barns, they went to check it out. When they entered the barn, the farmers found the man naked and having sex with a 500-pound pig.

When the suspect saw them, he fled from the scene and drove away with his car. The farmers called the police, and officers began chasing after the suspect who refused to pull over.

After leading police on a chase for 25 miles, the suspect gave himself up. He was taken into custody for driving under the influence and for fleeing from police.