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Blonde CEO dyes her hair brown to be taken more seriously

By Mason White 3:49 PM September 24, 2017
Eileen Carey with brown and blonde hair
Eileen Carey with brown and blonde hair
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Many women love the look of blonde hair and use dye to achieve their favorite color.

However, one woman who is the CEO of a large software company, said that she dyed her hair brown to conceal her blonde hair in order to be taken more seriously.

30-year-old Eileen Carey of Oakland, California, is the founder and CEO of Glassbreakers.

Recently, she was told that in order to better raise funds for her company, she should dye her blonde hair brown since men view blonde women as sexual objects rather than business people.

Fundraisers claimed that investors would feel more comfortable putting money into a company led by a brunette rather than a blonde.

Carey said that the brown hair makes her look a little older.

Men, who dominate the software field, are now taking her more seriously as many brunette women are CEOs.

Carey claimed that several women complained about the common perception of the “dumb blonde.”

They decided to dye their blonde hair brown in order to give off a more powerful image.

In an interview, Carey claims that blonde women are more likely to get picked up at bars than brunettes.

In order to look more business like, Carey ditched her contact lenses for eyeglasses, and stopped wearing makeup in order to be more comfortable at work.

She also stopped wearing high heels.