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Four inmates break out of jail to rob Dollar General before sneaking back into prison to sell the stuff

By Mason White 12:46 PM September 24, 2017
Three of the suspects
Three of the suspects
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Prison inmates who wanted to make money while behind bars, managed to escape.

However, they were not gone for too long.

They soon returned with merchandise, which they sold to fellow prisoners.

Police in Mississippi, said that the 4 prisoners are facing charges after they got out of jail, robbed a nearby Dollar General store, and returned to jail without being noticed by the guards.

According to police, the inmates jumped the fence at the Holmes-Humphreys County Correction Facility. They then walked less than a mile to the Dollar General.

Surveillance video of the robbery showed the men breaking into the Dollar General after hours.

Lexington police chief Robert Kirklin said that the men stole cigarettes, lighters, cell phones, candy and other items, which they knew they could sell in jail.

After grabbing the items in the store, the men returned to jail unnoticed.

Kirklin said that the suspects, Levontaye Ellington, Travis Baker, Maurice Robertson, and Jacquiez Williams, were identified by the clothes and backpacks they were wearing.

The stolen items were recovered.