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Police officer steals wallet at crime scene before using victim’s credit card for shopping spree

By Mason White 1:07 PM September 24, 2017
Wallet (illustration)
Wallet (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man was victimized twice in one day, when he was robbed by a burglar and then by a police officer who came to investigate the robbery.

Sammy Shehata of Florida, called police after he came home to find his home burglarized.

Shehata told police that over 12 guns were missing from his home. While officers were in Shehata’s home, they allegedly found marijuana.

Officers arrested Shehata for possession of marijuana. Shehata said that as he collected his belongings before going to jail, he realized that his wallet was missing.

The officer denied seeing the wallet that contained $1,750 and credit cards. However, when Shehata was released from jail, he noticed that someone used his credit card.

He filed a complaint with police. Their investigation revealed that Orange County deputy Joseph Suheil Haddad, who was at Shehata’s home to investigate the robbery, used the credit card.

Surveillance video from Target and Walmart in Osceola County, showed Haddad and his wife buying a baby crib, baby monitor, clothing, household goods and other baby supplies.

They used the victim’s credit card to pay for the items.

Haddad was charged with grand theft. His wife may also face charges. Haddad was placed on leave without pay.

According to detectives, during an interview, Haddad claimed that he accidentally took the wallet while processing evidence. Furthermore, Haddad claimed that he did not realize he was using someone else’s credit card.