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Bank robber with hostage in car fatally shot by police

By Mason White 4:29 PM September 25, 2017
Alexis Bell
police car (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man in Florida, was shot and killed by police after he led officers on a chase after robbing a bank.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Capital City Bank located at SR 50 and Sunshine Grove Road.

Workers reported that a man passed a note, demanding money, and warned that he had a female hostage in his vehicle and that she and others will be hurt if he did not get money.

The teller handed over the money and the man fled. Police located his vehicle at a hospital. As officers attempted to pull the driver over, he fled, leading police on a chase.

The suspect crashed into a few police cars as he sped off. Police put out spikes and eventually shot the driver, who was identified as 44-year-old Scott Michael Chamberlain.

The woman, who was in the passenger seat, was rescued. She was very shaken by the incident, but was unhurt. The woman told police that she was with Chamberlain, who did not allow her to leave.

Chamberlain was rushed to a hospital, where he died of his injuries. The seven deputies who were involved in the shooting, were placed on paid leave.

Tabitha Green Crawford defended Chamberlain on the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

She wrote: “This man wasn’t an evil man. He wasn’t a person who you would look at and expect anything like this. He was the man that came to all my children’s birthday parties.

“He was the man that my 7-year-old son would run to and hug every time he saw him. The man my 16-year-old son played football with in my backyard.

“The man my 11-year-old daughter would play the piano for. He was a hard worker and our employee for 3 years and not one time called into work sick.

“A trustworthy man. He was our friend! Drugs took over his life. Made him do things that he would never think of doing. This is a reminder that drugs and sin can take you farther than you want to go.

“I will not remember how he left this world. I will remember the impact he made on our lives. I will remember the good man that he was.”

Lisa Shick Derryberry wrote: “This guy stole from the Standridges a couple weeks ago. They paid him because he was hurting for money. Then he never came back to finish the job and he bought drugs with the money.”

Tabitha Green Crawford replied: “I understand he may have done things that weren’t right. That doesn’t make him a bad person. He relapsed on drugs exactly 31 days ago. Up until then for almost a decade, he serves the Lord and was the one helping people out. It doesn’t make him a bad person. We have all made mistakes.”