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Woman paid boyfriend to get tattoo of her breasts on his back before breaking up with him

By Mason White 5:52 PM September 25, 2017
Malakye Brooks and Jo Anna
Malakye Brooks and Jo Anna
By: Mason White

A man of the United Kingdom, is regretting his decision of getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s breasts on his back.

23-year-old Malakye Brooks of Morecambe, said that he went on vacation to Ibiza, Spain, where he met up with Jo Anna.

They then spent a lot of time together.

One night, Brooks and Jo Anna went to a bar, where they got drunk.

The couple then went to a tattoo parlor.

Brooks looked through the latest designs, but could not decide on one for his back.

That is when Jo Anna suggested that he get a tattoo of her face and upper body including her breasts, on his back.

She offered to pay the cost of the tattoo, which came out to $500.

It took the artist four hours to complete the tattoo on Brooks’ back.

Shortly after getting the tattoo of his topless girlfriend, the relationship ended.

Brooks now regrets the tattoo, saying that he did not think about what it would be like to have a topless tattoo of his naked former girlfriend.

He is now looking to have the tattoo removed.

Brooks complained that adults and kids stare at his back at the beach, and make fun of his tattoo.

Guys at bars often squeeze his tattoo, saying that they like to feel breasts.