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Drug dealer chokes to death after swallowing bag of drugs during police raid on his home

By Mason White 5:50 PM September 25, 2017
Drugs (illustration)
Drugs (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A drug dealer died after trying to hide drugs from police by swallowing it, according to police in South Africa.

The South African Police Service confirmed that 36-year-old Kingsley Ikeri of Vryheid, caused his own death and was not the victim of a hate crime.

The incident began when police received a tip that Ikeri was selling drugs from his home.

When police showed up at Ikeri’s residence, he quickly swallowed a bag with drugs and drank a bottle of beer.

Ikeri started choking and passed out.

He was rushed to the Vryheid Hospital, where he was declared dead.

The South African Police Service launched an investigation into claims that Ikeri was tortured to death by the police because of his nationality.

Ikeri was a native of Nigeria, who lived in South Africa until his death.

Ikeri’s friend, Emeka Okoye, who was with the drug dealer during the police raid, claimed that the officers placed a plastic bag on the deceased for more than an hour.

When they removed the bag, Ikeri was unresponsive.

The police officers denied abusing the drug dealer.