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Homeowner found naked burglar dangling from his ceiling

By Mason White 4:56 PM September 26, 2017
Randy Forsyth
Randy Forsyth
By: William Martin

A homeowner was shocked to see a naked burglar dangling from his ceiling before falling to the ground, according to police in Georgia.

Columbus police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Randy Forsyth, after being accused of breaking into a retired police officer’s home.

Forsyth has been charged with one count of first-degree burglary.

He was booked into the Muscogee County Jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded early on Friday morning.

Retired Col. John House said that at around 1:15 a.m., he heard a noise coming from the chimney of his home located on Eagle Drive.

At first, he thought it was an animal, but when he heard the noise a second time and his alarm went off, House called police.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, searched the home and attic, and they found a large hole in the roof.

They did not find anything inside the home and left.

At 3:00 a.m., House and his wife heard noise again, and called the police to their home.

Police searched the attic again, and they found Forsyth naked and hiding in insulation.

Forsyth then fell through the ceiling and was left dangling.

After a few minutes, he fell to the ground and was arrested.

Forsyth did not manage to steal anything, but he caused $1,400 in damage to the home.