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Teacher stole underwear from women’s clotheslines and took photos before returning them

By Mason White 1:56 PM September 26, 2017
Clothesline (illustration)
Clothesline (illustration)
By: Mason White

Police in Japan, have arrested a teacher who was found to be in possession of stolen underwear.

Nara Prefectural Police arrested the school teacher after being accused of repeatedly stealing women’s underwear and taking photos before returning them.

Officers were called by someone who reported seeing a suspicious man roaming the neighborhood.

Officers searched the area and found 48-year-old Nobukazu Nakajima, who is a sixth grade teacher at the Goido Elementary School.

Kashihara Police said that Nakajima confessed to taking women’s underwear before going to his car and taking photos of them.

When he was done taking photos, Nakajima said he returned the underwear it to the clotheslines from where he took it from.

During questioning, a search on his smartphone revealed a large collection of photos and videos of the stolen underwear.