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Mother has sex with daughter’s husband and tries to kill after telling his wife about the affair

By Mason White 2:47 PM September 27, 2017
Kathleen Regina Davis and Michael Sciarra
Kathleen Regina Davis and Michael Sciarra
By: Tanya Clark

A woman tried to kill her son-in-law after he revealed to his wife that he had an affair with her mother.

58-year-old Kathleen Regina Davis of Florida, was arrested after
throwing eggs at the home of her daughter’s husband, 33-year-old Michael Sciarra.

She then drove a car onto his front lawn and was driving in circles, trying to run over her son-in-law.

Meanwhile, Sciarra ran for his life, trying to avoid his angry mother-in-law.

According to police, Davis was driving a black Mercedes two door vehicle onto the front yard of Sciarra’s home in an attempt to kill him.

Sciarra told his wife Hannah, about the affair after he separated from her.

Davis was furious with her soon-to-be ex son-in-law as she blamed him for ruining her relationship with her daughter when he revealed to his wife that he slept with her mother.

Sciarra also told police he feared for his life as he was almost hit twice by the car and wanted to press charges.

Davis was charged of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
She was released from Palm Beach County Jail, after posting $3,000 bond.

Hannah and Michael had trouble in their marriage before. Earlier this year, he was arrested for domestic battery after the couple got into an argument.

The two, who are heading for divorce, have two children, Andrew, 2, and Gabriel, 6.