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Aunt poisons nephew’s breast milk bottle because she didn’t like his parents who moved into her mother’s home

By Mason White 12:28 PM September 28, 2017
Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda
Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda
By: Mason White

A teenager in Indiana, was arrested for trying to kill her nephew by placing crushed pills in his breast milk bottle.

19-year-old Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda of Fort Wayne, was charged with attempted murder after her mother discovered her evil plans.

Rodriguez-Miranda, who lived with her mother, was upset that her brother, his fiance and their 11-week-old baby were allowed to live in the house.

The couple originally planned stay for just three weeks, and Rodriguez-Miranda did not like the fact that they stayed much longer.

Court records show that Rodriguez-Miranda shared a cell phone with her mother. She used the phone to send her boyfriend text messages about her plot to kill the baby.

In the messages, the suspect told her boyfriend that she crushed Excedrin and placed it into one of the two bottles that contained breast milk.

The bottles were kept in the refrigerator.

Upon finding the messages, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother went to examine the bottles and found that one breast milk bottle was of a darker color than the other, authorities said.

The grandmother rushed the child to the emergency room for an examination. Thankfully, he was not poisoned.

The evil plan failed as the baby had not yet been fed from the contaminated bottle.

The suspect’s mother called police and handed the bottles to them. Toxicology test found it contained acetaminophen, caffeine and aspirin, which are found in Excedrin.

According to the police report, one bottle contained the equivalent of nine tablets of Excedrin, which is enough to kill an adult.