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Military pilot commits suicide by jumping out of helicopter during air show

By Mason White 3:00 PM September 5, 2017
Military helicopter (illustration)
Military helicopter (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A military pilot took his own life by jumping out from a helicopter during an air show, according to police in Belgium.

Amay police said that the incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon, while the military was flying a collection of aircraft during the routine air show.

The co-pilot told investigators that he helped three soldiers who were equipped with parachutes, jump from the Agusta A-109 helicopter.

After the three soldiers jumped out from the helicopter, he looked at the pilot’s seat, and saw that it was empty and the door was open.

Apparently, the pilot jumped out of the helicopter while the co-pilot was busy with the three soldiers.

The pilot was not wearing a parachute.

The co-pilot quickly took control of the helicopter and landed it safely.

The military and the police searched for the pilot’s body until they find it on Monday.

The pilot died as a result of trauma from falling several thousand feet.

Investigators said that the most likely reason behind the incident was suicide.

The military wrote on its website: “At the open day of the 4th Battalion of Engineers held on Sunday, in Amay, one of the two pilots of an A109 helicopter fell from the aircraft. His co-pilot was able to land the aircraft.

“An investigation was launched to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.”