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Court bailiff seen breastfeeding defendant’s baby daughter

By Mason White 10:51 AM October 1, 2017
Hao Lina
Hao Lina
By: Emily Lewis

A court bailiff is being praised for going out of her way to keep the courtroom quiet and orderly.

A young woman who works as a court bailiff in Shanxi, China, became an online sensation over her kindness and maternal instincts.

During a trial earlier this month in the city of Jinzhou, Bailiff Hao Lina was asked to look after the four-month-old daughter of the defendant.

During the trial, the baby began crying and was hungry. The defendant was unable to help her child at the time. Lina, who is a mother herself, decided to save the day by breastfeeding the baby.

Someone took photos of the breastfeeding bailiff and uploaded the images to the Internet, with the caption China’s “most beautiful bailiff.”

The photos went viral and many people praised Lina for her actions.