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12-year-old boy who was vegan hanged himself after kids threw meat at him

By Mason White 5:57 PM October 2, 2017
Louie Tom Fenton
Louie Tom Fenton
By: William Martin

The parents of a vegan boy in the United Kingdom, were horrified to find him hanging in their home after being bullied by his classmates.

12-year-old Louie Tom Fenton of Hertford, was constantly harassed by his classmates, and he decided to end his life.

The Hertfordshire Coroner’s Court heard that Fenton attended the Richard Hale School.

Fenton befriended older kids since the 12 year old children at the school bullied him because he was a vegan.

Fenton became a heavy smoker and would eat outside of school.

The school was told that Fenton was injuring himself due to the bullying.

One day during lunch, Fenton’s classmates threw meat at him.

Fenton became very depressed and went home, where he hanged himself in the bathroom.

The mother of the boy, Catherine Fenton, told the court that she complained to the school several times, but the bullying continued.

School officials said that they were never told about the meat throwing incident.