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Mother encourages 4-year-old daughter to touch naked man as form of art

By Mason White 7:14 AM October 3, 2017
Wagner Schwartz at the art exhibit
Wagner Schwartz at the art exhibit
By: Tanya Clark

People were shocked to see a mother encouraging her young daughter to touch and massage a naked man in public.

The mother was seen guiding her daughter as they both touched the naked man who was lying flat on his back and was completely naked.

The mother is seen crawling on all fours with her daughter next to the naked man. Other photos of the event showed the artist standing and holding hands with a group of young kids while he had no clothes on.

Photos and videos of the event were uploaded to the Internet, where they went viral.

Now, many people including politicians, are calling for the artist to be arrested after allowing a child to touch him while naked as a form of art.

Many people gathered at the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Brazil, to witness artist Wagner Schwartz performing his stunt.

The organizers behind the “art” maintain that Schwartz’s naked act is by no means erotic, but many disagree and called it disgusting and an act of pedophilia.

An MAM spokesperson said that the 4-year-old girl was never in danger. She was with her mother who is also an artist.

Schwartz explained his “art” and said: “As I stand or lie naked and vulnerable, I allow my audience to interact with my body by inviting them to pull, reshape and manipulate it into many different poses, and to construct images using my body.”