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Teenager steals uncle’s police uniform and cruiser before conducting traffic stop to impress girlfriend

By Mason White 7:09 AM October 3, 2017
Isael Ibrain Lima
Isael Ibrain Lima
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man who wanted to look cool in the eyes of his girlfriend, stole his uncle’s police uniform and cruiser.

Deputy Yoandy Miranda of Florida, told investigators that someone broke into his locked bedroom and his patrol car while he was out of town over the weekend.

He found the burglary to be bizarre as no valuables were stolen. However, he did not have to wait long to solve the mystery.

On Sunday, Belleview Police Department officer Sergeant Bobby Levay contacted Deputy Miranda about a disturbance call that took place on Saturday.

Sergeant Levay wanted to discuss information about a case that they both attended at a convenience store.

When they met, Sergeant Levay realized that Deputy Miranda he had met on Saturday, was not the same deputy that was standing in front of him.

After reviewing surveillance videos, Deputy Miranda saw his nephew, 18-year-old Isael Ibrain Lima, wearing his uniform and driving his vehicle.

Police released a dashcam video, showing Lima initiating a traffic stop with his uncle’s patrol car. A person, who is allegedly his girlfriend, was in the car with Lima. The person was heard saying that she recorded the traffic stop.

Lima was arrested and charged with several offenses, including impersonating a law enforcement officer. He was booked into the Marion County Jail, and his bond was set at $33,000.