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Librarian chokes himself to death during sex game he played by himself in kitchen closet

By Mason White 12:53 PM October 4, 2017
Simon Smith
Simon Smith
By: Mason White

A well-known librarian who did not show up to work, was found dead in a closet, according to police in the United Kingdom.

38-year-old Simon Smith of Wales, was a very talented man, according to his family and friends.

Smith was popular for his singing, and has held various jobs in his short life.

Smith worked at a gardening shop, bakery, bowling alley and a bank before settling down as a librarian.

When he did not show up for his job at the Pembrokeshire Library, police were called to check up on him.

He was found dead in the kitchen closet of his home.

According to the police investigation, Smith died as a result of erotic asphyxiation.

Smith apparently went into the kitchen closet, where he played a sex game with himself.

Smith restricted oxygen to his brain by wearing a black leather mask in order to feel dizzy and lightheaded.

However, he went to far and killed himself.

A coroner ruled his death accidental.