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Man collapses and dies after seeing his pregnant wife with another man after she left home for business trip

By Mason White 12:50 PM October 4, 2017
Pregnant woman (illustration)
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A married man in Uganda, collapsed and died after running into his pregnant wife at a restaurant and seeing her kissing another man.

Six months ago, David Ntige married the woman of his dreams and they lived together in Buyende District.

Last month, Ntige’s wife, who was not identified, told her husband that she has to leave town for a business trip.

Ntige did not suspect anything, and gave her his support.

Earlier this week, Ntige went to a restaurant in another part of town, and was shocked to see his wife kissing another man.

Ntige confronted her, and she confessed to being in love with the man.

She also revealed that she was pregnant and having her lover’s baby.

The woman said that she only got married to Ntige in order to obtain a marriage certificate.

She said that she never left town for the business trip and moved in with her lover.

Ntige couldn’t cope with the news about his wife’s infidelity.

He collapsed and died.