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Pediatrician pays young girls to have sex with him

By Mason White 12:56 PM October 6, 2017
Doctor (illustration)
Doctor (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A doctor betrayed the trust of parents and children by having sex with young girls, according to police in Japan.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Hiroki Arisato, after being accused of having sex with multiple young girls.

Arisato has been charged with prostitution and pornography.

According to the police investigation, Arisato was a pediatrician at the National Center for Child Health and Development.

On Monday, Arisato paid a 17-year-old girl 30,000 yen ($265)
for sex at a hotel.

The doctor met the girl after being introduced to him by her friend.

Investigators believe that Arisato had similar encounters with multiple young girls.