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2 brothers rape young girls including in public phone booth

By Mason White 6:00 PM October 8, 2017
Ronald Twite (L) and Leslie Twite
Ronald Twite (L) and Leslie Twite
By: Alexis Bell

Two brothers raped multiple young girls in various places, including a public phone booth, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Lincolnshire police said that they have arrested 61-year-old Ronald Twite and 62-year-old Leslie Twite after several women came forward to report that they were raped by the two brothers when they were young.

Both brothers were found guilty of 12 sex offenses at the Bradford Crown Court.

The judge, Recorder David Gordon, sentenced Ronald to serve 12 years in prison while Leslie was given a 6-year term.

One victim told police that she when she was just 11 years old, one of the brothers raped her in his apartment.

She has been suffering from depression ever since the attack.

Additional two victims came forward and said that when they were 9 and 5 years old, they were sexually assaulted by the brothers.

One the attacks took place inside a public phone booth in the street.

Another victim told the court that she has been suffering from depression and flashbacks ever since the attack.

She was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.