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Good Samaritan allows police officer to use his bike while running after fleeing suspect

By Mason White 4:22 PM October 8, 2017
The police with the bike owner
The police with the bike owner
By: William Martin

A police officer was able to apprehend a bad guy thanks to a good Samaritan who allowed him to use his bike.

According to police in New York City, Officers Kendrick and Cruz were patrolling an area when they noticed a suspicious man at the corner of 135th Street and Brooke Avenue.

When the officers approached the man, they realized that he had several bags of heroin in his hands.

When Officer Kendrick inquired about the drugs, the man swallowed them all.

Officer Kendrick called emergency services to treat the man and make sure that he does not die from an overdose.

The irritated man then physically attacked the officers. After a fight, the perpetrator fled with Officer Kendrick chasing him.

After pursuing the perpetrator for several blocks, Officer Kendrick lost sight of him.

Officer Kendrick spotted a civilian on a bicycle and asked if he could borrow it to apprehend the man who was fleeing.

Officer Kendrick rode the bike for half a mile and finally caught the suspect.

Police officers of the 26th Precinct in Manhattan, helped detain the suspect and escorted him in an ambulance.

After the pursuit, the officer returned the bike to its owner and they took a photo together.

“I was so determined to catch this man because I knew how much of a threat he was to himself and the community. Drug abuse is a big problem in the South Bronx and the effects of these drugs can make a person extremely violent,” said Officer Kendrick.