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Police sergeant lifts woman’s skirt and squeezes her behind on street

By Mason White 5:56 PM October 8, 2017
Woman wearing short skirt (illustration)
Woman wearing short skirt (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A young woman was shocked when a police sergeant approached her from behind and groped her backside, according to police in Japan.

Shiga police said that they have arrested 33-year-old Kazushi Yasuda, after being accused of sexually assaulting the 26-year-old woman.

Yasuda is facing a charge of indecent assault.

According to the police investigation, Yasuda worked as a police sergeant at the Nagahama Police Station.

On Tuesday, at around 10:00 p.m., the young woman was walking in the street when she was approached by Yasuda.

The police sergeant then lifted up the woman’s skirt and squeezed her backside.

The woman screamed and Yasuda fled from the scene.

Chief Police Inspector Yutaka Ito apologized to the woman and the people of Shiga.