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Groom gets revenge by showing wedding guests video of cheating bride

By Mason White 2:30 PM October 9, 2017
Groom showing the video to wedding guests
Groom showing the video to wedding guests
By: Mason White

A groom discovered that his fiancee was cheating on him, decided to go ahead with the wedding in order to humiliate her in public.

42-year-old Zhuo of Singapore, who works as a private investigator for AJAX Investigations & Security Services, shared the story along with photos of the incident.

Zhuo said that she was hired by a businessman who suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him.

The private investigator followed the woman for six weeks until she had enough evidence, which showed the woman cheating.

She caught the woman meeting up with another man. The two then kissed before going into a hotel together.

Zhuo said that she gave the photos to the groom and she assumed the relationship was over. She was shocked when a few months later, she received an invitation to the couple’s wedding.

During the wedding, the groom played a video of him and the bride. It began by showing a collage of photos of the couple’s happy times together.

“The video suddenly switched to the footage that my colleague and I had captured during our stakeout,” Zhuo said.

That is when she realized that what the groom’s intentions were when he agreed to go ahead with the wedding.

He apparently wanted to publicly shame his girlfriend in front of his and her families and friends.

When the compromising photos were shown, the humiliated bride ran out of the wedding hall and the celebration was canceled.