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Restaurant caught using cat meat in shawarma

By Mason White 5:34 PM October 9, 2017
Shawarma (illustration)
Shawarma (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

An investigation was launched after a popular restaurant was caught storing dead cats in its freezer, according to police in Tunisia.

The Health Ministry in Tunis, released a statement, saying that they received a report about the restaurant that used cat meat in its shawarma instead of chicken and turkey.

It is illegal to sell cat meat in the country, and Islamic dietary laws prohibit their consumption.

According to the police investigation, a customer called them to report that cat meat was used to prepare his shawarma.

Police officers who arrived at the scene raided the restaurant’s freezer, where they found a bag of cat meat.

The owner of the restaurant is a foreign national living in Tunis for many years.

When police attempted to forward the case to prosecutors, an ambassador intervened and the investigation was closed.

Ministry of Health official Mohammed al-Rabhi said that just because a bag of dead cats was found in the freezer does not man the restaurant used it in shawarma.

The official also promised that inspector will visit the restaurant from time to time to make sure it is compliant with the rules.