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Boyfriend slits throat of teen for talking with his girlfriend

By Mason White 5:24 PM October 10, 2017
Bradley Andrew Eppley
Bradley Andrew Eppley
By: Emily Lewis

A man and his friend lured a teen to a park where they slit his throat during a dispute over a woman, according to police in Utah.

Ogden police said that they have arrested 21-year-old Bradley Andrew Eppley and 18-year-old Austin Keyworth after being accused of trying to kill the 18-year-old victim who was identified only as J. K.

Both suspects have been charged with attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

Eppley was hit with an additional charge of purchase, transfer, possession or use of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Eppley was booed into the Weber County Jail, and his bail has been set at $42,000.

Keyworth has not been arrested yet.

According to the police investigation, Keyworth learned that J. K. spoke to his girlfriend for several hours on the phone.

Keyworth and Eppley then came up with a plan to lure J. K. to the 9th Street Park.

The called the victim and told him to meet them at the park to drink alcohol.

When J. K. arrived at the park, Keyworth and Eppley told him to go to the bathroom.

Once all three were inside the bathroom, the suspects began punching the victim.

Keyworth and Eppley told J. K. not to speak with Keyworth’s girlfriend because she was a whore.

They then used a knife to slit the victim’s throat.

J. K. was also stabbed several times.

Keyworth and Eppley stole the victim’s cell phone and fled the scene.

J. K. was taken to the McKay-Dee Hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries.

Luckily, J. K. survived the attack.

After several months in the hospital, J. K. was able to tell police who attacked him.

J. K. identified Keyworth and Eppley through a photo lineup.