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Man points gun at McDonald’s worker on Constitution BLVD over wrong order

By Mason White 4:55 PM October 10, 2017
William Jesus Rodriguez-Diaz
William Jesus Rodriguez-Diaz
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man who used his constitutional rights to bear arms, got into trouble when he decided to “stand his ground” and use the weapon when his order from McDonalds on Constitution Blvd., was wrong.

The Florida man is in jail after becoming violent when his order at the McDonald’s was not prepared to his liking.

27-year-old William Jesus Rodriguez-Diaz was found guilty of improper exhibition of a firearm.

He is being held in prison while awaiting sentencing.

The incident occurred in McDonald’s at 7105 Constitution Blvd., in Fort Myers.

Police said Rodriguez-Diaz was upset with his order, which he placed at the drive-thru. He then went into the store, confronted an employee and demanded to speak with a manager.

The manager asked Rodriguez-Diaz to leave, but he refused. Instead, he replied that he was going to stand his ground and pulled out a gun.

The manager called police after he was able to get Rodriguez-Diaz to calm down and got him to leave the store.

Rodriguez-Diaz also called 911 after he left and told officers that he had been attacked in the restaurant. He gave them his name and address.

When officers spoke to witnesses and determined that Rodriguez-Diaz pulled the gun, they went to his home.

He was found in a park near his house. Officers located the gun in his car.