Man wearing shark costume to attract customers to store is 1 of first to get ticket as part of new Muslim burqa ban

The mascot
By: Tanya Clark

People in Austria, were surprised that police used the new anti-burqa laws against a business.

The new "burqa ban" law was meant to keep the public safe by prohibiting people from covering their faces with burqas in public.

Just days after the law went into effect, officers spotted a mascot standing outside of the McShark electronics store in Vienna.

The mascot was wearing a full body shark costume. Officers demanded that the man remove the shark head. When the man refused, he was issued a ticket for $176.

Advertising agency Warda Network posted photos to their Facebook page, showing the police handing the mascot a ticket.

Eugen Prosquill, managing director of the advertising agency, said that they may be forced to stop using mascots due to the new law.

Police confirmed that the man was fined for initially refusing to remove the shark head.

The officers were reportedly called by a member of the public. Police believe that the report came from someone who wanted to "prove a point about the new law."

Since this incident went viral, a cyclist claimed to have been ticketed by police for covering her face with a scarf.