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ISIS trainer kicks terrorists in the testicles to teach them to endure pain

By Mason White 1:47 PM October 11, 2017
ISIS terrorists being kicked in the balls
ISIS terrorists being kicked in the balls
By: Mason White

The ISIS leadership in Yemen, released photos on the Internet, showing terrorists getting kicked in the groin during a training exercise.

The photos were recently taken at the Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani training camp.

The photos showed at least 10 terrorists lined up with their legs spread apart.

The trainer is then seen kicking each terrorist in the groin area.

The group said that the exercise as part of a mission to teach the terrorists to endure extreme pain.

The photos also showed terrorists being trained in a more conventional way.

There can be seen shooting targets, crawling under barbed wire fences, doing pull-ups, and shooting rocket-propelled grenades.