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Man calls in bomb threat at restaurant while standing next to police officer to avoid paying for his food

By Mason White 8:05 AM October 11, 2017
Barry Clapperton
Barry Clapperton
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested for calling police to report that there was a bomb inside a restaurant in Pennsylvania.

However, 40-year-old Barry Clapperton, who was drunk at the time, did so in the presence of a police officer.

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to the Primanti Brothers restaurant on East Carson Street in Pittsburgh after Clapperton tried to walk out without paying for his food.

Clapperton ate the food, but he did not have money to pay for it. Officers allowed him to call a friend to come and bring money to pay for the food.

While waiting for the friend to arrive and pay Clapperton’s bill, an officer overheard Clapperton making a phone call and saying that there was a bomb at another restaurant.

Clapperton tried to flee but was quickly nabbed and arrested.

When he was questioned, Clapperton told officers that his friend gave him the idea to call in a bomb threat in order to distract the officers who were with him so he can leave the restaurant.

Clapperton faces charges that include threats to use weapons of mass destruction and public drunkenness.