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Man tried to bribe police officers with donuts in exchange for his freedom

By Mason White 8:21 AM October 11, 2017
Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes
By: Mason White

A man who was in police custody offered them money and donuts in exchange for his freedom.

Police were called to Golden Rooster Bar & Grill in Jacksonville, Florida, on reports of a drunk man refusing to leave the premises.

When officers arrived, they found 25-year-old Craig Barnes standing outside the restaurant.

According to a police report, Barnes was asked to leave the restaurant several times but he refused.

Officer ordered him to leave, but instead of following orders, Barnes ran back inside and said that he “he wanted his beer.”

He was arrested on a charge of trespassing.

While he was in the squad car, Barnes offered to give both officers $50 to let him go.

Officers reported that they asked Barnes if he was trying to bribe them to which he replied “yes.”

Furthermore, Barns added that he would give officers donuts in addition to the $50 if they release him.

When officers declined his officer, he raised the offer to $1,000 if they allowed him to walk free.

After this tactic did not work, Barns began kicking the seat in the police car and threatened to shoot the officers the next time he saw them on the streets.