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Married Texas father travels to Florida with candy to have sex with 9-year-old girl

By Mason White 8:17 AM October 11, 2017
Mark Nichols
Mark Nichols
By: Alexis Bell

A married father was arrested when he arrived to have sex with a young girl.

Police found that the man brought along a Sour Patch Kids candy, a bag of Skittles and a bottle of lubricant.

64-year-old Mark Andrew Nichols answered an ad posted by a detective who was posing as the father of a 9-year-old girl.

Nichols answered the ad, and after exchanging some graphic text messages, he traveled from Austin, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, to have sex with the girl and her parents.

Nichols has been charged with attempted sexual battery of a child younger than 12, attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, solicitation of a minor via computer, obscene communication and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

He is currently in an Orlando jail with bail set at $1,500.

According to police, the detective with the Orlando Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force posted the ad on a website looking to meet “experienced parents to learn new things about raising little ones.”

The detective was not specific but knew that this tactic will lure perverted men to the child and it worked.

During their communications, the “father” of the girl told Nichols that he and his wife were trying to get their daughter into modeling and asked him what types of interests he had with children.

“When you say interests, are you asking generally? Or sexually?” Nichols responded according to police.

Nichols expressed his fascination with incest, which he said was an “extreme turn on” for him.

When asked about his own two young daughters, Nichols allegedly wrote that “he enjoyed bath time but he would never do anything to them.”

Nichols never pushed the issue, and he kept saying that he is “extremely respectful about all of this,” and that “he would only have sex with the child if her parents were comfortable with it.”

According to police, during their online conversations, Nichols expressed interest in having sex with the entire family.

“I would like to visit you all. I am interested in having sex with the child and the child’s mother. I am bi so I am open to some bi play with you if you are interested. If you are not, that is fine.

“I would maybe like to watch you have sex with the child. Be there. Touch and reassure her. Then have sex with her myself.

“Would the child want to watch me with mom? I want to be respectful and just provide you all with a fun, safe experience,” the suspect said.

When Nichols arrived at the prearranged location, officers were waiting for him and he was arrested.

Orlando Policeā€ posted a video of the arrest to their Facebook page, with the caption: “Mark Nichols traveled from TX to meet and have sex with a 9-yr-old girl. Instead, he was met by OPD. We’ll never stop going after predators.”