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University student tries to smuggle her drugs through airport security by hiding them in hot dog

By Mason White 8:26 AM October 11, 2017
Hot dog (illustration)
Hot dog (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A university was arrested after hiding drugs inside a hot dog she was carrying.

According to Japan Customs officials, the 21-year-old female university student was concealing the drugs in her food.

Risa Yorizane, who is a resident of Naka Ward, was found in possession of 0.97 grams of marijuana.

Customs officials said that the drugs were inside a plastic bag that was placed underneath her hot dog, which was inside a bun.

Yorizane had traveled to Europe and then to Shanghai, China, before returning home.

When she arrived at the Hiroshima Airport, Yorizane attempted to smuggle the drugs into the country, but she was busted when officials found the drugs.

Yorizane was arrested for violating the Marijuana Control Law.

According to customs officials, Yorizane claimed that she simply forgot that she had the drugs with her.

“I wasn’t hiding the marijuana. I just forgot about it,” the suspect told police.