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Firefighters called to hospital to remove wrench stuck on man’s private parts

By Mason White 6:57 AM October 13, 2017
Wrench (illustration)
Wrench (illustration)
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man was left humiliated and was forced to seek help after a tool was placed on his penis and he was unable to remove it.

The man’s private parts were already swollen due to restriction of blood flow when he arrived at the hospital.

Someone took videos as firefighters in China, spent two hours removing the wrench, and uploaded it to the Internet.

The man came to a hospital in Guangzhou, with the tool stuck around his manhood. The man did not want to disclose how the wrench got there or who tightened it around his penis.

Doctors discovered that it would be difficult to remove the tool due to the swelling.

If not done quickly and correctly, the man could have suffered serious and permanent damage, doctors said.

Doctors who did not have the right tools for the sensitive procedure reached out to firefighters for help.

It took firefighters two hours to remove the tool from the man’s penis using a grinder.