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College professor suspended for beating female sanitation worker because her garbage truck was blocking his car

By Mason White 6:53 AM October 13, 2017
Liu (L) the incident unfolding
Liu (L) the incident unfolding
By: Alexis Bell

A university professor caused uproar in China, when he was caught beating a woman.

After much public outcry, the man who was identified as Ge, a professor at the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, was fired from his job.

A witness who uploaded photos of the incident to social media said that she was relaxing at home when she heard screaming outside.

At first, she thought it was parents screaming at their child.

However, after a few moments, she heard what seemed to be an adult crying. She went to investigate.

The witnesses saw the street cleaner, who was bleeding from the mouth, getting up from the road.

She saw Ge and a woman, who was identified as his cousin, standing in front of the street cleaner, who was identified as Liu of Xi’an, while they berated her.

The witnesses heard the female companion saying: “How much money do I make? How much money do you make? Do you know you’re now keeping me from making money?”

The witness ran out of her home to stop the assault. When the pair realized that someone witnessed their actions, they attempted to run away but were stopped by people in the area.

The professor was reportedly angry because the garbage truck that was being used by the female sanitation worker, was blocking his car and he was unable to leave.

Police were called and Ge was arrested for assault. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail and he received a fine of 500 yuan ($75).

Ge also wrote a public apology, which was posted to the university’s Weibo account.

In the post, Ge said that he regrets his actions, and promised to pay for the victim’s medical expenses.